Managed Network Services

Our Managed Campus Networks accelerate technology and operations transformation
through automation, AIOps-enabled platforms and analytics. We deliver the best digital
experience for employees, customers and things connecting to your campus network.

Connecting smart places and industries with managed campus networks

Our consulting, technical and managed services provide a campus network aligned to your organization and seamlessly integrated to deliver in the most demanding environments. We can underpin the backbone of your network strategy through our managed services platform, which provides automated operational efficiency and predictive analytics; our highly skilled, certified and globally available people; strategic multivendor relationships and our network and data center infrastructure.

Leverage our Managed
Campus Networks

A network for greater agility

Your infrastructure and operations need to keep pace with business shifts and demands. An agile business needs an agile network operated to become a platform for innovation. That means removing complexity, simplifying operations and embracing automation to provide a dynamic and responsive software-defined infrastructure.

Enhanced operations for performance and efficiency

Our Managed Services Platform includes automation, AIOps and predictive analytics capabilities, resulting in an efficient network operations service to suit the most demanding requirements. In addition, our software-defined lifecycle services help manage software assets and entitlements for improved consumption and ROI.

Networks that improve security posture

Reduce risk through adaptive networks that are secure by design and with security embedded and integrated as part of the network function. Our network operations platform is secured through a defense in depth approach and certified for security governance (ISO27001)

Transform your hybrid workplace

High-capacity, secure connectivity that enables your office-bound employees to safely return to the office with the best possible experience and provides location-based services with deep analytics for business insights.